Erin Andrews Single & Nearing Move To NYC


Josh Hopkins, formerly known as Erin Andrews’ boyfriend, seems to have been replaced by a golden retriever puppy. We’re still waiting on a follow-up explanation from OK Magazine or TMZ on this one, but it seems Pageviews and Mr. Kentucky have called it quits if we are to believe this tweet exchange. That’s right, losers, she’s back on the market. Should you start sending flowers and bottles of SmartWater to her Atlanta condo?

Nope, she’s moving in a couple weeks. Where to? NYC. Told you that in mid-November. Of course that means that a cross-country relationship with Hopkins is impossible. Of course that means she’s going to be partying with Brooklyn Decker and A-listers. Of course that means it’s time to upgrade in the boyfriend department.

Of course Traina will be hitting that by Spring Training.


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