LeBron’s Hairline Is Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]


Biggest LeBron news this week? Dude’s hairline is out of control and yet he refuses to just go with the Jordan shaved look. Of course Black America is going nuts. White America, from what our researchers tell us, don’t really care because most of us are fat and balding anyway. Name a black athlete that left his balding hair this long and won an NBA championship. That’s right, you can’t. Your call, Lebron. Time to face the facts. This isn’t a good look, bro.

These shots come to us from the opening this week of Bron Bron’s new retail store called UNKNWN in the Aventura Mall (Miami).

It’s not like the long, sorta fro-ish look is awful until Bron tilts his head. then it’s game on. The real issue here for Heat fan is that dude is going to get drilled when he rolls into Boston, L.A., Dallas, Orlando and especially Cleveland. You don’t want your big man worried about the hairline when he goes to the line and sees a giant billboard of the melon.

We expect it’ll be shaved on Christmas Day or at least sprayed a little bit to blend into the forehead.

Mad hair & angry love to @AngryBlkManDC for the photo compilation below.

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