How Are We Just Now Seeing This Utah St. Cheerleader Accident Video?


How is it that Kyle in Ogden is the first person to email us this cheerleader accident video that’s been on YouTube for nearly a month? “Guys…you missed this sh*t from a cheerleader at my school. Nearly dies when this idiot misses the spin move,” Kyle wrote to us last night.  He also sent the chick’s Facebook account.

Look, we rarely pay attention to WAC sports, let alone basketball unless it has to do with Jimmer dropping 50 on Idaho. Yes, we know BYU isn’t in the WAC.

Posted: November 23, 2011

Premise of Video: Hailee Bradford is doing her thing when suddenly the bro spinning her around loses track of how the move is supposed to work. Not good, chief. Hailee isn’t supposed to land on her neck. This isn’t some sort of trick landing.

Climax of Video: BOOM! Yep, the crowd goes silent.

Conclusion: Bet Ricky was sent back to the women’s basketball cheerleading team after this f-up. You only get one shot at paralyzing a cheerleader at the WAC level. After that you’re relegated to the bullhorn.

[Hailee Bradford – Facebook]

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