Cassie Keller Is Back Working With Playboy, Appearing In Movies [PHOTOS]


Those of you who’ve been with Busted since day one way back in 2007 know that the first model to gain Internet stardom thanks to our constant attention was Cassie Keller. She was Kate Upton before Kate Upton was anything. Keller burst onto the scene by posing naked for Playboy before attending a single class at Central Michigan. She was just 18. Of course she became our honorary ‘Hottest College Student In America.’

Then we lost contact for about a year. People get busy. Models come and go. Internet crushes fluctuate from month to month. New flavors all the time. “Hmmm, Brazilian chicks this week? Why not?” 

But then our friends at Playboy hit us up on gChat a couple weeks ago and said that Cassie had resurfaced. Oh, and she was doing more work for Playboy. One thing led to another and it came to our attention that Ms. Keller even has a role in the 2011 holiday hit, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas as a topless angel.

As if that isn’t big news, Playboy has been busy tweeting new shots of Cassie as a roller glam girl.

NSFW – you’ve been warned.

From what can be gathered by our researchers, Cassie might not be at Central Michigan these days, which would be a huge loss for the Mid-American Conference. Anytime you lose a Playboy chick at a mid-major it hits you in the gut.

So it goes without saying that BC is back on the Cassie Keller bandwagon and probably won’t jump off until she replaces Stacy Keibler as Cloon-dogs hot 20-something arm candy.

Until then, it’s on.

[Cassie Keller – Model Mayhem]  [Dec. 2011 Cassie Keller Cyber Club – NSFW]

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