Tom Brady Brentwood Mansion Nearly Complete [Photos]

It’s hard to begrudge New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. If he isn’t living the American dream, who is?

He’s beloved by millions, has Super Bowl rings, is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen… what more could one ask for? Well, apparently, a sprawling estate in the post Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood.

Brady and Bundchen have commissioned a palace of sorts in one of Los Angeles’ finest neighborhoods and it’s almost finished. They reportedly paid $11 million for the land alone. Sure, it’s 3.75 acres, but they paid $11 million for a piece of land with no house on it!

Here’s what we know about this joint, other than the fact that Tom Brady could pull any other supermodel ass in it that he wants… because he’s an all-American type dude and such…

It’s 22,000 square feet(!), is supposed to have eight bedrooms when completed, a covered bridge(?), six-car garage, some sort of humongous garden and a lagoon-shaped pool… you know, so your supermodel wife can take a dip when she wants.

Oh, and who do are they going to live next to? The Governator, or the former Governator anyway.¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger will be hanging out at his pad next door. Who wants to bet he’ll be over for Tom and Gisele’s pool parties?

[Tom Brady mansion almost done]

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