#SMH…These Two Trippin’…Salvation Army Bell Ringers Don’t Work Sunday [Cuff ‘Em]

Think your Uncle Butch is a total lowlife scumbag? Yeah, well he has nothin’ on these two dirtbags in California.

Via the Modesto Bee: Modesto police arrested a man and woman Sunday on suspicion of using a Salvation Army bell and kettle to raise money for themselves, not the charity. The couple were arrested at the Wal-Mart on Plaza Parkway, Chamberlain said, adding that Williams was collecting money while Carrie was in a vehicle.

But there is more to this story. Cops say it was a Salvation Army worker who busted the couple. The tipster reported that bell ringers don’t work the Holy Day – Sunday.

but leave their bells and kettles at the stores where they raise money.

Before we rap it up this morning how about a special message from this chick’s Facebook account. Enjoy spending Christmas in jail and not with your kids, trick.

[Khalillah Williams – Facebook]