Politicians Could Gross $13,578 By Selling BCS National Championship Tickets

Louisiana state officials are getting a bunch of tickets to the BCS National Championship game between LSU and Alabama thanks to the Sugar Bowl, the host bowl for the game this season, and their state university, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate.

The Sugar Bowl Committee has made four tickets available to each state legislator and LSU has ponied up two more for $350 each. This isn’t lost on the state’s lawmakers, either. Every one of the state’s senators purchased tickets through the Sugar Bowl and LSU. All but three state representatives purchased tickets through LSU.

The university also made 12 tickets available to Governor Bobby Jindal.

“LSU makes these tickets available for purchase to these offices because they play a vital role in the continued success of Louisiana State University,” Herb Vincent, associate vice chancellor for communications at LSU, said.

Although the lawmakers had to make their purchases before it was determined who would play in the game, it was pretty clear all along LSU would be one of those teams. If anyone got jobbed, it’s the incoming lawmakers, who don’t take office until game day, January 9. They haven’t been given access to any tickets.

Of course, everyone is saying the right thing — that they’re either going to go to the game with their family or they’re giving the tickets to constituents. The tickets are said to be in section 149 of the Superdome. The cheapest seats we could find on Stubhub were listed for $2,263.

Quick Math:

6 tix per politician

$2,263 on Stubhub per ticket

= $13,578

[Tough tickets? Officials invoking privilege for BCS]