Ohio State Gets 2012 Bowl Ban, Loses Scholarships

The news is dropping in the Ohio State tattoo scandal coverup and it’s not good if you wanted to see OSU in a 2012 bowl game. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the Buckeyes will be banned from a 2012 bowl game and will lose 9 scholarships over the next three seasons. Athletic Director Gene Smith is officially trending on Twitter and those of you who hate Ohio State are getting your day in the sun. Enjoy it, but remember, your school is likely next. 

Via the Dispatch:

* Strip four more football scholarships over the next three years on top of Ohio State’s prior forfeiture of five scholarships over that span.

* Add an additional year of probation to OSU’s self-imposed two-year probation for the football program, meaning any violations through the 2013 season could draw harsher-than-normal penalties.

Of course Urban Meyer inherits this mess. Good luck with this one. Hope that heart is strong.