Hottest Girls Of Bowl Week: Florida’s Tarin Gets Urban In Gator Bowl [PHOTOS]

You pumped up for two struggling college football superpowers playing in the Gator Bowl on January 2? Yeah, same here. But imagine for a second that you are a member of the Florida Gators football program and were dumped by Urban Meyer because of his poor heart ailment. Imagine you’re UF cheerleader Tarin and you commit to the Gators because Urban gets the team to BCS games in exotic locales like Glendale or New Orleans.

This bowl game is personal. Tarin is a great example of a cheerleader who signs a mythical national letter of intent to take her talents to Gainesville only to be disappointed by back-to-back years of struggles (8-5 in 2010). It’s sad. But Tarin (last name withheld from you morons for safety reasons) will soldier on by making the 70-mile trek to Jacksonville for a battle between 6-6 teams.

There is more on the line, however. There is the SEC pride of routinely destroying Big Ten teams. There are recruiting implications. There is the traitor factor. There are the feelings of rejection. Betrayal. Of course Tarin must be struggling with all of these thoughts.

How will it all play out? January 2, 1 p.m. ESPN2.

The Tarin _________ File:

• Pretty sure she’s a Junior

• Likes Taylor Swift

• Is Zeta Tau Alpha at UF

• Quite a Twitter superstar (under orders to not give out account to you guys)

• Totally excited to whip Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes in Gator Bowl

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