Crazy Bar Bills: 24 Bottles Of Ciroc & $15,000 Tip! [Photo]

We may not be exactly sure who’s bar bill this is, but we’re pretty sure it belongs to one of the people we usually post about around here. The only question is who?

This bad boy came up in several Twitter feeds today, and look, we’ll be honest. We had to translate. It originally said this:

sure uve seen this 1 2day. Bar bill in 2days Standard. #RecessionKo Tip was £10k Be Naa Ni

And we think, because we use an online translation thing, it means this (or something like it):

Sure I’ve seen this one today. Bar bill in todays Standard. #RecessionKo Tip was £10k Be Naa Ni

Alright, we tried. That doesn’t make any sense either.

The important thing here is this: someone paid a shitton for a bar bill — more than $111,000 in US dollars — and we were nowhere to be found. What the hell is that? We shouldn’t have to point ourselves out in the crowd. We shouldn’t have to take all your women. We should ‘t have to kick your ass in pool.

Just point us out. We’ll get a bunch of comped drinks, you’ll get a bunch of comped drinks, everyone will be happy. That’s how we roll, dammit!

If you overlooked us, please confess!