ULL Strength Coach Rusty Whitt Longtime Badass, Iraq Vet [PHOTO]

Look at that man. Nails. You think a little blood streaming down Rusty Whitt’s face during the New Orleans Bowl (University of Louisiana-Lafayette strength coach) is going to change his demeanor? No f-ing way. You know how there are guys who act like hardos that aren’t really hardos once the blood starts flowing. Not Whitt. Dude was Special Forces. Used to blast terrorist asses into pieces. Used to help terrorist visit their virgins. You want a strength and conditioning coach who’s worth every penny? Sergeant Whitt is your dude.

Super sports blogger dorks were busy waxing about this guy’s stone face as that blood dripped, but failed to look into Rusty’s story. Dude is a warrior.

Whitt joined the Cajun staff in October of 2010 after a stint at Rice and had worked with Cajun basketball coach Bob Marlin for a while at Sam Houston State. But along with his collegiate work, Whitt served in the U.S. Army from 2003-09 as a Senior Special Forces Communication Sergeant in the 10th Special Forces Group. He was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom V and VI and received a combat infantry badge, two Iraqi campaign medals and an Army commendation medal with valor.

You know why Ole Miss can’t win in the SEC? They’re pussies who aren’t having their asses kicked by Whitt on a daily basis. You bring Whitt into your horrible program and count on at least 3-4 extra wins each year.

Blood? So what. Trying having terrorists shooting RPGs into your tank. Someone put us in touch with Rusty. BC is going to buy this guy a beer one of these days. Probably once he becomes strength coach at Ohio State.

Guess who won the New Orleans Bowl? Um, Rusty’s team, of course.

[Rusty Whitt – Facebook]

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