Tebow Weekend: Dog & Pastor Tebowing & Tebow Turkey Burger! [PHOTOS]

Still not down with Tebowmania? You’re missing out on the biggest sports craze for white people since golfing became cool thanks to Tiger Woods. How big is this ‘thing?’ CBS racked up a 19.5 rating from Broncos-Patriots. Game 7 of the World Series this year earned a 16.2. Sure, the guy lost, but so did the Raiders. Tebow has a roadie left at Buffalo on Christmas Eve and then at home against the Chiefs on New Year’s Day.

This is just a peek into 48 hours of Tebow on the Internet. Just think of what making the playoffs (and getting a home game) would do for the movement. Steelers or Ravens in Denver. January football. Hopefully a blizzard. That 19.5 will get crushed faster than God unleashing his powers on evildoers.

The following were culled from Twitter & Tumblr. Just a glimpse into the power of Tebow. Have something we missed? By all means, fire away.


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