Runaway Golf Cart Picks Up 2-8-5-6 Spare At Cowboys Stadium [VIDEO]


So there was a big high school football game at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. Probably something like the Texas state championships. That’s not the story here. Bigger news is that some rogue golf cart somehow got loose and drilled like five or six people on the field after the game. That’s news. Anyway, the video is on fire this morning so we figured you and the boys at work would enjoy LOLing over this one with Becky in administration.

Just watch those bowling pins drop.

Posted: Dec. 17, 2011

Premise of Video: Read above.

Climax of Video: That guy getting his ass right off that devil cart. Dude is like, “F-that, y’all.”

Conclusion: NTSB must investigate. You just can’t have rogue golf carts plowing the shit out of people on football fields. Someone is going to die, Jerry Jones is going to get sued and figure out a way to get taxpayers to finance the lawsuit settlement.

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