NBA Mascots Chilling On U.S. Missile Launcher In Japan [PHOTOS]


It’s that time of year when the major sports teams across this great nation sacrifice a few of their cheerleaders or dancers for a worthy cause – the troops. The Busted Coverage team doesn’t have ties to the military but we know there are many of you who, if you can get it through the military censors, check BC for some T&A while you’re serving around the world. If we could afford mascots and cheerleaders, your asses would be getting this Okinawa treatment.

A company called ProTour Productions this month sent over NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers to put on a Christmas show for our troops stationed in Japan. It was your normal good time had by all, yet there was one item from the event that caught our attention.

That would be Benny The Bull and Rocky the Nuggets mascot scaling what we’re calling a missile launcher. (Of course one of you with military expertise can correct us.) We’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to cheerleaders and troops, but have never seen mascots scaling American military might.

You see that, North Korea? Our boys are fresh off R&R with some of America’s finest cheerleaders. How about your stressed out boys? They been eating very well? Couple crackers last week?

Yeah, well we’re sending Benny The Bull’s ass into Pyongyang to facialize your nation. Seriously, bull sperm all over your broads. It’s going to get ugly.

[ProTour Productions]

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