Crazy North Korean Bastards Hear About Joe Paterno Firing [VIDEO]


PYONGYANG, North Korea – Word is leaking out of communist North Korea that college football fans are finally receiving information about the firing of Joe Paterno as head coach at Penn State. American intelligence officials, on condition of anonymity, say that word started to spread after a North Korean smuggled a USA Today back into the country from China.

According to that official, young and old have marched to N. Korean landmarks to show their respect.

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: North Koreans say they’ll observe two weeks of mourning over the firing of Joe Paterno. The nation, pretty much blackballed from anything ESPN, SI’s Hot Clicks, Sports By Brooks, Busted Coverage, Fox Sports, etc., have just received word that Paterno is out and that Penn State is mired in a huge sex scandal. Of course these rabid college football fans aren’t taking the news very well.

Climax of Video: Oh, it’s all pretty sad.

Conclusion: Anyone know where the Ohio State bar is in Pyongyang? We keep getting emails from these crazy bastards who’re trying to catch the Jan. 2 game.


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