Alyson Kate McCoy Is Patriots Bikini Chick [PHOTOS]

Got an email about 20 minutes ago from Alyson Kate McCoy: I AM THE (PATRIOTS) BIKINI CHICK! And the mystery that we mentioned stemming from yesterday’s Patriots-Broncos game has been solved. Alyson is claiming responsibility for the bikini photobombing near the press box. The facts on Ms. McCoy are trickling in, but we do know she has ties to the Boston area and works at a Denver law firm.

McCoy told us to visit her Facebook account for more intel. Here’s what we found:

• 34

• Legal assistant at Messner & Reeves LLC

• From Rehoboth, Massachusetts

• Favorite athletes are all Boston based. Brady, Welker, Pedroia, etc.

• Has that Boston sports attitude that we love, appreciate from a woman even though we’d never marry one

Of course our first question to Alyson was, “Ever done anything like this before?”

NEVER>..Just like the it was the PATS first time winning in Denver! 🙂
I just love my team!  What can I say.  I did not expect to become a
huge news story!  Do you have any more photos?  I, unfortunately, did
not get any, because I was busy holding my sign! 🙂

She added:

I am from New England!  I HATE the Broncos, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Patriots!  Just wanted to show some support, and I think it worked! As soon as we were up by one, I unveiled the bikini…2 more touchdowns later, I was forced cover up!  BS, if you ask me!   I then waited to make sure TEBLOW didn’t pull a 4th quarter stunt, so at the 2 min. warning, I busted out the bikini once again!

I am just a wicked big PATS fan!  Simple as that! 🙂


Eat that up Teblow! 🙂

And added this for all you Boston media types:

I never expected to cause such a scene! But I am glad I did! 🙂  I would love to do any media that I can…However, I cannot talk because of cheering so loud… BUT, I’d love to do any and all spots offered!  Especially for BOSTON MEDIA! 🙂

Alot of the Denver fans are plain ol jerks…but all we had to do is get that W and that silenced all the haters!


Didn’t expect to become a news story? Alyson, seriously, a bikini at a football game is ALWAYS a major story. You’re about to become a worldwide phenomenon.

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