Aida Yespica’s WAG Ass – AGAIN [PHOTOS]


Ho-hum, Aida Yespica’s ass is still lounging at some Miami beach. How much beach time can one human endure during one winter? Look, it seems like this chick has been parading her ass around Miami for like 2.5 weeks now. Doing nothing but walking from the ocean to her lounge chair. Maybe switching positions every hour or so. At this point, the Venezuelan should either be banging Alex Rodriguez or filling out her U.S. citizenship paperwork.

This is getting ridiculous. This is also why you never find great bloggers out of exotic locales. Name one great blogger from Miami or Cancun. You can’t. It’s because his ass would be too busy getting ridiculously drunk by 1:30 EST and saying f-it to sitting on his ass to type 250 word blog posts.

No, instead you get us losers who live north of Kentucky, Virginia, Champaign (Ill.), etc. where the weather instantly turns to shit for 8.5 months each year. And our traffic is from the same dudes. Your ass works in an office in Chicago, D.C., New Jersey, Minneapolis, etc. Don’t think we can’t see where you come from. Those IP addresses show up.

Seriously, you throw us into an office on South Beach and this operation comes to a screeching halt. Maybe 4-5 posts max and never before Noon.

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