Hottest Girls Of Bowl Week: Gamecocks Cheerleader Ellison Is Flexible [PHOTOS]

We kicked off Bowl Week Babes Bonanza yesterday with an Arizona State dancer named Shelbie who just happens to be dating Jack Elway III. Today, thanks to our correspondent Asher at College Cheer Heaven, we meet South Carolina Gamecocks cheerleader Ellison. Are we a little early on the Capital One Bowl hot chick (Jan. 2)? Yes, but you can never get enough ‘Cocks cheerleader poon in December so we just fire these chicks at you as fast as possible. 

Asher’s full scouting report:

Ellison is a smokin’ hot South Carolina cheerleader and, through my vast research of college cheerleaders, I know that she’s not alone. South Carolina cheerleaders are routinely gorgeous Southern belles that also happen to be tremendously flexible and willing to prove it. Even if they are, say, rocking a bikini at the time. That’s not going to stop a true South Carolina girl from proving she can do a handstand and spread her legs at the same time. A truly remarkable talent!

Best hire Busted Coverage has made in four years. Not even a competition. Just look at how Asher breaks down Ellison’s abilities and qualities. Dude is like the Mel Kiper of cheerleading. F-ing Kevin the Intern calls off on Fridays and says sorry. Asher literally blew up the BC email inbox the other day with like 58 photos of hot ass cheerleaders from across the country.

Even as far as Hawaii.

Next up, we’re sending Asher’s ass into Eastern Europe for those Czech cheerleaders we keep hearing about. Total slutbags. You think the Laker Girls are known to bury a couple of power forwards from the Celtics? Wait until you meet these Czech hoes.

Anway, Bowl Week rolls on!

Know a hot chick from a team playing in a 2011-12 bowl game that needs to be featured? We’ll even take D1-AA. Photos and intel to our inbox – NOW!

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