Drunk Idiot At Chargers-Bills Game Tumbles Down Three Rows [VIDEO]

‘Tis the season for just getting drunk at NFL games in San Diego because the playoffs aren’t happening and Norv Turner will soon be fired for yet another disappointing campaign. Games such as Bills-Chargers last weekend are pretty much just a good chance to get blotto and soak up some sun in the upper deck. Cue drunk guy (is that a #11 jersey?) and his drunk dancing skillz.

Thankfully, a YouTuber had video running and uttered, these now famous words.

Posted: December 15, 2011

Premise of Video: Just another sunny day in San Diego for a Chargers game. Good enough reason to get severely drunken. No punches thrown or needed.

Climax of Video: Like a sequoia dropping in a dense forest.

Conclusion: He called off sick on Monday?