Cardinals Kicker Jay Feely Probably Not On Sam Hurd’s Snitch List

Just threw it out there last night on Twitter. What name on the Sam Hurd snitch list is going to absolutely floor us? Readers chimed in with names such as: (the obvious) Tebow, Ditka, Lovie Smith, Dungy, Romo, Michael Irvin, etc. But then there was Cardinals kicker Jay Feely’s name thrown into the mix. For those of you who don’t know, Feely is conservative & takes his tweeting very seriously. He’s mega-Republican and could be considered kooky to you liberals. 

Of course Feely felt it was necessary to chime in on a totally stupid Twitter thread that had no intention of learning more about Jay Feely’s drug history.

Never done a drug RT @ajB_real@bustedcoverage: What name on Sam Hurd’s snitch list would be the most shocking?” @jayfeely, by far

Thanks Jay, we’ll be sure to remove you from any further Sam Hurd snitch list ‘possibles.’

More from Jay last night, this time on the Iowa caucus debate.

@newtgingrich great job tonight Newt. It’s like sitting in a political science listening to you during a debate

Jay had no comment on the Rick Perry “I’m like Tebow,” comment.


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