Bia & Branca Feres & Friends Put On Bikini Synchronized Swimming Show [PHOTOS]

We were the first U.S. news outlet to report on Brazilian synchronized swimmers Bia & Branca Feres getting implants. Now we are able to report that the cagey sisters are up to even more antics after a Monday visit to a Brazilian beach. Ever seen synchronized swimming with ocean waves crashing on the swimmers? No? This is why we LOVE Brazil. The ladies don’t think twice about great getting great implants & putting out great Internet content.

It’s Friday. Have some balls at work and start clicking photos. Think later tonight you’ll get to look at the Feres twins jerking around in Brazil? Nope. The wife has a bunch of stupid #$%^ lined up. A party at her girlfriend’s house. That used to be cool until Karen and Dave got a divorce, meaning Dave had to give her the house and 3/4 of his paycheck. You and Dave are good friends, but you despise that bitch Karen.

In other words, your ass is owned tonight. And don’t do something stupid like opening up these pics on your phone. Huge injustice.

Backstory On Feres & Friends Synchronized Ocean Photos:

• Went down on Monday

• Rio

• Cadre of 23-somethings frolicking in the South Atlantic Ocean

As we reported in October, the sisters say they’re done with competitive synchronized and won’t make a run at the 2012 Summer Olympics. What could have been for the Internet. Sad.

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