Maple Leafs’ Tyler Bozak Rounding Up The Boys To See Justin Bieber

Is Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak a nut? We’re not really sure because we don’t know a hell of a lot about him, but we’re beginning to think he is.

This is the same dude who was firing assault rifles with teammate Mike Brown in October, shortly after the NHL season had begun. Nothing could go wrong there, right?

Now, Bozak is recruiting his boys to go to a Justin Bieber concert this summer. He hit up teammate Jake Gardiner on Twitter to pose just that question on Thursday.

We’re not sure when the concert is, but apparently the Leafs don’t really have any plans to be playing in June. Although they haven’t been any good in who knows how long (no, I’m not from Toronto), they’re playing well this season. They’re currently second in the Northeast with 35 points, six points behind the Boston Bruins, but hey, getting into the playoffs for a change is probably enough.

Anyway, we’re not really sure what Gardiner thought about the Bieber concert because he didn’t reply.

However,┬áRay Kaunisto, who currently plays in the AHL for the Manchester Monarchs and is a Los Angeles Kings draftee, jumped in with the idea to turn the whole thing into an “accidental” Las Vegas excursion.

Bozak suggested inviting Kaunisto’s teammate Patrick Mullen and, well, it looks like things are a go.

So what do hockey players do in the offseason? Watch Justin Bieber, blow money in Vegas and, presumably, get in fights.

Sounds awesome!
[Tyler Bozak Twitter]

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