Ho-Hum: Crazy Black Chick Slaps Black Chick At Ohio H.S. Basketball Game [Video]

I’ve literally been back in Ohio for like an hour. Got off a plane this afternoon in Detroit, drove back to Ohio, picked up the dog from her doggie daycare center. Open up YouTube and 3 minutes later these black chicks are brawling at a Massillon, O. high school basketball game. Goddamn, Ohio, it’s good to be back. We’ve said it dozens of times.

Ohio might be a dive, but our state is way more interesting than your state. Bitch slap time!


Posted: World Star posted it today. Someone ripped it & threw it on YouTube soon after.

Premise of Video: We obviously have a Jersey ChaserĀ® beef going on here. You’ve got one chick whose name ends in ‘nique vs. another chick whose name ends in ‘nique. One ‘nique is just minding her business and suddenly all hell breaks loose. See, this is how Ohio rolls. You think this garbage goes down in South Dakota? No. Those morons play basketball games, hit the local pizza joint and go home to cuddle and watch Storage Wars DVRs. Not Ohio. We entertain the rest of the Union.

Climax of Video: Bitch just unloaded with that slap.

Conclusion: What composure from ‘nique after taking that bitch slap like a champ. Didn’t even faze her. Was on her game within seconds. We figure there’s a three-game suspension and tickets to next year’s Xavier-Cincy game awaiting these fine young ladies.

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