Winnipeg Jets Fan Starts Online Petition To Bring Back Bathroom Troughs

They’re pretty happy to have their Jets back in Winnipeg, but not everyone is necessarily happy with the situation at the┬áMTS Centre, where the team plays its home games.

As you can see from the photo above, the situation in the concourse during intermission is a mess to say the least.

That’s made someone in Winnipeg awfully adamant that the organization install troughs in the bathrooms instead of the urinals currently in place. In fact, they’re so serious they started an online petition.

Here’s are the author’s unedited words, misspellings and all.

Bring back the trough. Have you notice the long line ups at the MTS Center mens washrooms. Back in the days of the Winnipeg Area, the trough system made that wait short. After finishing 4+ beers the average Joe has to go do his business. The new washroom service in the MTS Center cannot handle the capacity of need to go people. There are 10+ men washrooms on the mean level with only 4 urinals per a washroom. There are 8000+ fans at a sold out game, 75% which are male and 75% of them have been drinking beer thats about 4000 or half the people on the main level that need to go. Think long line ups wasting most of the period break, just to take a leak. These long lines also slow done the movement in the concourse. With a trough in place of the 4 urinals you can have an average of 10 people going at once, speeding up the process. This is to all the beer drinkers, people who hate waiting in line and trying to push there way threw the concourse. So sign even if youre not from the Peg but have experience.

Oh, the sweet, sweet prose of truth!

While we have no idea who created the petition, it’s been signed by more than 330 people as of Wednesday afternoon and it garnered attention from the CBC, which talked to some Jets fans about the situation.

As you might expect, some were pro and some were con. Perhaps the most amusing, and ignorant, response was this.

“Too much stage fright when you had the trough,” said Harvey Grindle.

“Like, you’re hearing about all these people in the paper all the time, these kind of perverts and stuff, you don’t want to be next to that. It’s not comfortable.”

Goddam perverts!

Anyway, it looks like the point is moot. An MTS Centre official said they have no intention of changing their current bathroom situation at this time.

The trough system was used by the Jets at their former home, the Winnipeg Arena.

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