Now There’s A Tim Tebow Beer: Tebrew [Photo]


With all the rage surrounding Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, it was only a matter of time before people started to cash in.

Eagle, Colorado’s Bonfire Brewery has done just that, honoring the Broncos signal caller and resident Jesus freak with his own brew. It’s dubbed the Tebrew Sunday Sipper.

Although it hasn’t hit the market just yet, it’s close, which should throw the local hop heads into a frenzy. Here’s the word from Bonfire Brewery’s Facebook page.

Tebrew Sunday Sipper – a barleywine from Bonfire – is almost here. In the style of 4th quarter heroics, we’re waiting until the last minute to serve it up — the moment the 10oz glasses arrive, the real games can begin. Stay tuned.

Tebow hasn’t said anything about the beer officially, but that’s probably because he’s busy preparing for what is probably going to be his toughest game of the season. The Broncos face the 10-3 New England Patriots on Sunday.

Also, we’re not sure if Jesus Boy consumes alcohol, but we imagine he probably thinks it’s evil, like pre-marital sex and the devil.

Bonfire Brewing serves 19 different microbrews. If you’re going to be in the Eagle area, stop in and let us know if it’s any good.

[Bonfire Brewery] [Bonfire Brewery Facebook] [Introducing The Tim Tebow Beer: “Tebrew”]

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