Lindsey Vonn Jersey Chasing Tim Tebow Or Robby Tebow?


….counting down the days until the 2012 ESPYs when Tim Tebow and Lindsey Vonn announce that their relationship is on and that they “were just friends for at least 8 months” before taking things to the next level with friendship bracelets and Lindsey getting Tim’s letterman jacket. The more we look into Vonn’s antics back in November, the more we think she’s been up to something with this Tebow character. Does it matter? It does if Baby Jesus helped break up a marriage. 

While everyone is focused on Vonn attending Sunday’s game against the Bears, it wasn’t her first rodeo at Mile High. In fact, Vonn attended the Nov. 17 game against the Jets and seemed to have private box seats from what we can decipher from this Facebook photo.

A couple days later the divorce papers were drawn up, according to this NY Times article.

I’m at the Broncos vs. Jets game in Denver. It’s my first ever NFL game and I’m loving it! Go Broncos! :) xo LV

The facts:

• Meets Tebow at ESPYs.

• Becomes fast friends with Tebows (Robby & Timmy)

• Attends Nov. 17 Broncos-Jets game

• Nov. 20-ish files divorce papers

• Dec. 7 she goes Tebowing after World Cup victory

• Robby Tebow attends World Cup victory

• Dec. 11 Lindsey Vonn attends Broncos game & sits in private Tebow family box

The more we look at this story, the more angles it’s taking. Is it possible Vonn is dating Robby instead of Timmy? Is Robby using his brother’s fame to romance Vonn? Is Tebow helping to hook up his brother’s chick who’s still going through a divorce.

[@RobbyTebow]  [Lindsey Vonn – Facebook]

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