Here’s Drew Brees’ Creepy Sesame Street Segment [Video]


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will appear on Sesame Street Thursday.

That’s right — Sesame Street, the same Sesame Street you watched when you were a wee youngster. Brees, who’s referred to as Mr. Drew, will appear in a segment about measurement with the annoying-voiced Elmo.

Is it weird? You bet your sweet ass it is! But hey, it’s also educational, which we guess is the point.

Don’t lie to yourself. You’d totally appear on Sesame Street if they asked you.

Posted: Dec. 2, 2011

Premise of Video: Mr. Drew, AKA Drew Brees, teaches Elmo about the word measure. After measuring Elmo with a ruler, Brees whips out all kinds of weird stuff to measure the puppet with. “You can measure with a potato!” Sure you can Drew.

Climax of Video: Yeah, the measuring with a potato is pretty great, but look out for that football at the end. There’s a reason it looks so weird.

Conclusion: We’ll now be measuring stuff around the our homes with potatoes thanks to Drew Brees and his zany ideas.

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