Sydney Esiason Mention On WEEI Sends Bostonians Into Frenzy [PHOTOS]

So that’s what all the commotion on BC was about yesterday. Boomer Esiason, father of one Sydney Esiason, was on WEEI in Boston yesterday talking football and hockey. He told a story about how he plays rec league hockey to stay in shape and keep sane. The Dennis & Callahan crew wanted to know if he’s ever had to drop the gloves and Boomer shared a story about a fight and his daughter was part of the conversation.

As we’ve documented, she’s hot, goes to Boston College & has photos to prove it. Here is the audio of Boomer yaking about hockey and throwing in a mention of Sydney. 18:00 mark. Yes, you can fast-forward very easily. Stupid story, yet a few more mentions like this and Sydney is on her way to becoming a household name.

Can someone please hook her up with Tiger Woods?

As always, we’ve dug into the Sydney photo vault and came out with some new shots. We think the pics are a little on the old side since a mole happened to disappear within the last year or so.

Have a Sydney Esiason pic we’ve missed during our research? Send it in!

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[Boomer Esiason on WEEI]

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