Phillies WAG Missy Coles 8th At World Bikini Championships [PHOTOS]

You hear World Bikini Championships and instantly think of something having to do with Hooters and draft beer. Not so, my friends. Remember Missy Coles from back in the summer? She’s the hot chick with insane implants who is dating Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimmer. She’s also into this fitness bikini competition that combines beauty, muscle & how well you fill out a bikini. The world championships were held over the weekend.

We have sad news to report. Just a week after busty fitness model Denise Milani announced to the world that she won her weight division, Missy announced on Twitter that she finished 8th at worlds. Obviously a huge disappointment to those of you who track such athletics.

8th in the show….I worked HARD & felt great up there. Keeping my sights on the prize next season. xo

How do we know Schwimmer is still going strong with his ripped bikini model? Because of these tweets from over the weekend.

So u know how there is a players wives/girlfriends section… im currently sitting in the bodybuilding boyfriend section #rolereversal

going to miami this weekend to watch my girl @MissyColesFit compete. will be watching beautiful women in bikinis all day #lifecouldbeworse

$500 says ARod was in the crowd with a couple of those gargantuan women he’s been hanging out with. Schwimmer should be fine. His chick doesn’t look close enough to a dude level for ARod’s tastes.

Did you see ARod at the World Bikini Championships in Miami? We want to hear your story.

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