Miami (OH) Football Equipment Manager Is A Dancing Nut [Video]

The Miami (OH) Redhawks may not have had a very good season on the gridiron, but something tells us they can really cut it up in the club. At least if this guy is any indication.

The team’s equipment manager really likes to dance and spends a lot of time doing it while the team is getting warmed up. Some students in the video department decided to shoot him and cut this video together. The guy, who’s name is Chad, wasn’t aware he was being filmed.

The odd thing is, the video has music and we’re pretty sure Chad didn’t have any music while he was cutting these rugs.


Video posted: Dec. 12, 2011

Premise of Video: Chad, the Miami (OH) football team’s equipment manager likes to dance… a lot. He does so every day while the team is warming for practice.

Climax of Video: It’s gotta be when he spins on his back and poses at midfield.

Conclusion: We’re not sure, but there might be something wrong with this guy. He does have some good moves though.

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