Lingerie Football League PMS Brawl: Toronto vs. Philly [VIDEO]

Remember Saturday morning when we told you guys about the Philly Passion going up to Toronto and blasting them 74-0? Yeah, well now comes video of how things got salty and included lingerie chicks getting in a brawl. The cause? Who cares? We’re talking fists flying, bras bouncing and even a cameraman right in the middle of the fray. Look at these refs. They’re useless against this raging estrogen.

Like the NFL aiming to end blows to the head, the LFL needs to look into PMSing.

Posted: December 12, 2011

Premise of Video: PMS. Lingerie football. This is what you get.

Climax of Video: The brawl gets rolling right out of the box. Fists flying and that camera dude trying to end the fight. He mustn’t be married. Wrong move, chief.

Conclusion: 74-0 and destroyed at fighting. Just fold this LFL team by midnight. It’s all over, Canada.