Gheorghe Muresan Meets Danny Woodhead [PHOTOS]

Danny Woodhead is 5′ 7″ short. Gheorghe Muresan is 7′ 7″ tall. The two bros met this week and put to rest what it would look like when Woodhead met Muresan. It looks about like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar meeting Olivia Munn earlier this year. One’s tall, the other is short. Of course this becomes a freak show that flies around the Internet because you guys have the thoughts rolling around in your empty brain whether Woodhead could kick Muresan’s ass.

Who’s the other shorty? That’s Patriots’ punter Zoltan Mesko, a Romanian-born import who shares a distinction with the former NBA legend.

Mesko writes on Twitter:

Coincidentally, George and I, happen to be the only two Romanian-born athletes to play in a major American professional league

According to Mesko, Muresan stopped to visit over the weekend while the Patriots were in D.C.

Isn’t it too bad that Manute Bol left us at such a young age. We miss all these behemoths just jerking around in the States, posing for photos and freaking out little kids. 7-footers just aren’t as fun as the old days.

[Zoltan Mesko – Twitter]


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