55 Greatest Busted Coverage Morning Twitpics Of 2011

It’s the greatest time of the year for those of you who started following Busted Coverage at the beginning of December. Each year we spend the weeks before Christmas banging out the best of the best from the year in BC history. Today we tackle Morning Twitpics, your morning dose of sports & pop culture for men who appreciate a good laugh before heading to their miserable place of employment. It’s been a helluva year. From Gruden’s man-knuckle to Bengalman 420, we take a look back.

What will we remember most from 2011 Morning Twitpics? Probably the explosion in Tebowmania. There was old dude wearing a Tebow shirt at the grocery store. There was Tebow making out with a teammate. And who can possibly forget the Native American bum with a Tebow sign.

BC marks it’s fourth anniversary at this grind with an awesome look back at what we do best – entertain your asses.