Skip Bayless ‘All He Does Is Win’ Tim Tebow Auto Tune Via ESPN [VIDEO]


“This kid is a gamer….In case you didn’t know…All he does is win….Unleash…Tim Tebow…Unleash….Turn him loose….It’s time…” Did you know that ESPN has it’s own personal auto-tune DJ, aptly named DJ Porter? Hate Skip Bayless? Tebow? And auto-tuning? Your ears are about to bleed because Porter has a special dose of Tebow auto-jizz for you this afternoon.

Crank up the office speakers. Tell the secretary the walls are about to shake.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: ….All he does is win….All he does is win games….Baller….Turn him loose….

Climax of Video: Auto-jizz splatters on your monitor. Don’t even act like you didn’t let a little loose.

Conclusion: ESPN got worked by the dude who released his Tebow song way back on November 29. Look at ESPN copying some rapper called Stoop Kid. Those minds in Bristol are on top of things. Congrats, ESPN.

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