Patriots’ Cheerleader Brittney-Lynne Stanley Honors Man’s Dying Wish [PHOTOS]

We didn’t know Gus Henrickson. Never met him. Never received an email from him. No communication with him. Nothing. But after reading how he died this fall, and his dying wish, Busted Coverage feels like Gun Henrickson is what this site is all about. The passion for hot women was part of his life. The passion for football was in his blood. If blogs would have been invented 45 years ago, Gus would have been a trailblazer.

Gus had one final request this fall as it became clear his days were numbered.

That request was simple, according to the interns at Holy Trinity Nursing Home in Nashua, N.H. Gus wanted to scratch ‘Meet a Patriots cheerleader’ off his bucket list before dying. In September and in failing health, a 20-year-old angel named Brittney-Lynne Stanley walked into Henrickson’s life, according to a story published last week in the Nashua Telegraph.

Richard Henrickson, who passed away Oct. 1 at age 84, was able to erase his pinnacle “bucket list” goal to meet a New England Patriots cheerleader. Henrickson was born and raised in Worcester, Mass., before retiring and moving to Cape Cod from 1986-2007. Later, he moved back to Worcester to live with his daughter, Linda, until he became a resident of Holy Trinity in August 2010.

Stanley visited Holy Trinity in Worcester, Mass., on Sept. 7 and surprised the super fan while having dinner with his family and residents.

“He came down to the dining hall for dinner for the first time in a while. He didn’t come out of his room much. The family got him to come down and eat in the dining hall with all the other residents, and he didn’t know I was coming. It was a complete surprise. I came in the dining hall and his face just lit up, and he was covered in Patriots gear,” Stanley said.

Less than 30 days later Gus was in a grave, having lived his life and scratched that cheerleader item off the list. Damn near brings a tear to my eye. This guy lost his wife of 57 years in 2005. He’d lived a solid life. Had what seems to be a great family. It was just that thing about cheerleaders that he needed to settle.

And how great is this Stanley chick? She knows some horned up dude is about to die and gives him that final wish. One final touch of a warm body. One final hug from strange ‘tang. The finality of knowing this’ll be the perfect way to go out. Not some stupid way of going out like having a band playing old show tunes. Just a living, breathing cheerleader with a great rack being his ‘date’ to lunch at the old folks home.

One final f-you to the bros who gave him shit over his dying wish. One final f-you to all those who didn’t think Gus had a meaningful life. 84 years for that one day. Never lost sight of the finish line.

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