Joe Mauer Engaged To Maddie Bisanz [PHOTOS]

If you figured Joe Mauer would eventually marry a woman nearly as boring as Joe Mauer’s public persona, pat yourself on the back. Meet Maddie Bisanz. She hit the lottery over the weekend. Mauer asked her to marry him and she became an instant millionaire, pending pre-nup paperwork. The Twins .300 hitting machine is set to make $23,000,000 per year for the next seven years. Cue the family lawyer for the pre-nup, Mauer.

Our blogging friend, lawyer and agent, Darren Heitner, tells us that the natural process for athletes looking to have pre-nup paperwork drawn up is to hire a family lawyer.

That would be HIGHLY encouraged unless that attorney agent is well versed in family law.

Non-agent attorneys who do not specialize in family law almost always refer their clients to separate family law attorneys for drafting of pre-nups or if they don’t, they should.

Of course the Minnesota newspapers are slurping up the news since their football team will be a top-five NFL draft picker and Mauer is the biggest homegrown rock star since Bob Dylan popped out of the womb in Duluth way back in 1941.

Joe Mauer, perhaps Minnesota’s most eligible bachelor, on Saturday became engaged to fellow Cretin-Derham Hall graduate Maddie Bisanz. Mauer, 28, the Twins catcher, proposed to Bisanz, a St. Paul nurse, in Sanibel, Fla.

“A place that is special to both of us,” Mauer said Sunday from Florida. “We couldn’t be happier, and we’re both really excited.” No wedding date has been set. The couple have been friends for about seven years and have been dating for about 1-1/2 years.

“I was hoping for a yes, and she said yes,” Mauer said when he proposed. “I’m getting to marry my best friend.”

Um, how the hell is she going to say no? $23,000,000 over seven years. That’s $161,000,000 reasons to say yes. $63,013 each day she gets out of bed. BOOM!

[Twins star Joe Mauer engaged]  [Sports Agent Blog]

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