CBJ Superfan Kevin Grier’s ‘P In Their Cup’ Message To Boston Bruins [VIDEO]

Imagine a marketing ploy where a sports franchise takes a fat guy, has him strip off his t-shirt and dance on camera. Groundbreaking stuff, right? Here we were just minding our business this morning and then Columbus Blue Jackets’ super-pig, Dancing Kevin, shows up on our Facebook timeline. Perfect. Nothing suckers us in on a video like a fat guy painted with messages for Boston Bruins fan.

Might be the biggest rack you see all day on BC.

Posted: Dec. 10, 2011

Premise of Video: Remember when teams just had a mascot dancing with fans or making asses out of themselves? Yeah, well fans are beyond bored with the old days. Now marketing research tells teams that fans want to see fat people because fat people are funny, especially men who tweak their nipples.

Climax of Video: Was that a pork tenderloin we saw flying in front of Kev?

Conclusion: Ho-hum. 5-3 Bruins win. The Blue Jackets have 8 wins and 20 points – both last in the NHL.

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