Albert Pujols Has A New Contract And A New Hamburger

Albert Pujols just signed a 10-year, $250 million contract with the “Los Angeles” Angels and, suffice it to say, they’re pretty fired up in Orange County. So much so, Pujols already has a burger named after him.

The OC Sports Grill, a sports bar close to Angels Stadium, is introducing a gigantic burger called The Machine Burger in honor of Pujols. TMZ tells us it has a Dominican flavor in honor of the biggest free agent signing of the offseason thus far.

1/4 lb. chimichurri seasoned burger, queso frito, pulled pork & cabbage tossed in “savon” sauce, tomatoes, avocado, and crispy onion straws.

Cabbage on a burger? Not really sure about that, but hey, we guess if it’s good enough for Primanti Brothers, it’s good enough for Pujols.

The burger isn’t actually on the menu on the bar’s website, but we’re told it will cost $13.99, which is a hefty price for a hamburger. Of course, the Angels paid a hefty price for Pujols.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis — Pujols’ former home — Cardinals’ fans are pissed their franchise player signed with another team. Understandably so. However, Albert’s wife Deidre took to the airwaves to defend her husband’s decision to sign elsewhere, saying the Cardinals didn’t step up to the plate financially.

“The offers that people have seen on television, I’m going to tell you what …. had that offer been the one that was given to us, with guarantee, we would have a bird on the bat. … What I’m saying is it wasn’t a guaranteed situation. When you have somebody say, ‘We want you to be a Cardinal for life’ and only offer you a five-year deal … it kind of confused us. … Well, we got over that insult and felt like Albert had given so much of himself to baseball and into the community that he at least deserved the opportunity to have real life-long — you know, I tell you what — we didn’t want to go through this again. Free agency, it’s stressful.”

Stressful indeed.

As far as we know, Albert never had a burger named after him in St. Louis, though.

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