Jimmy Johnson (Sorta) Falls For Our Trouser Trout Twitter Shenanigans


Before you guys start calling us morons, we mangled trouser on purpose to try to sneak this one on Twitter by Jimmy Johnson this morning, but the ball coach was onto us. Sorta. For those of you who follow Jimmy on Twitter, you know that JJ will pretty much answer everything from his fans. Today was a test of how far Jimmy will go to share his insights with us. How did he fare?

Handled our shenanigans like a champ.

Jimmy’s reply:

@bustedcoverage: ever take Howie Long trout fishing?”he caught his only offshore fish few months ago

Just when you think he’ll slip up and get trolled early on a Saturday morning, the 68-year-old fluffball nails us at our own game.

Jimmy 1

Busted Coverage 0



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