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Introducing Zaira Nara: Hottest Tennis WAG On The Planet [PHOTOS]

We’ve located the world’s hottest tennis WAG and she is Argentine model and television host Zaira Nara. Nara is dating Argentine tennis player Juan Monaco, who’s the 26th-ranked player in the world and looks a lot like the meth head who picks up my garbage. There’s no accounting for taste, obviously.

Nara was formerly engaged to soccer player Diego Forlan, but the couple broke it off amid allegations that he cheated on her. It really worked out for the best because we all know Nara has no shot at the title of Hottest Soccer WAG so long as Irina Shayk is on Cristiano Ronaldo’s arm.

Forlan, meanwhile, has moved from the failed nuptials nicely with model Victoria Saravia.

So what’s the deal with Nara? She’s more or less your typical model. Her sister is Wanda Nara, who’s also a model. She’s the host of a show called La Cocina del Show, which we really know nothing about. She’s also opportunistic. Some people have claimed she used the break-up with Forlan and the gossip surrounding it to gain fame.

So, she’s kind of like Kim Kardashian, only way hotter.

See for yourself.


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