UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Is Back For UFC 140!

It’s the news you UFC Ring Girl freaks have been waiting for ever since Dana White assured you that Brittney Palmer hadn’t been fired from her gig. She stepped away from her high-profile duties to concentrate on her artwork, tone the abs and… DAMN THOSE FAKE BOOBS ARE BACK! The mixed martial artists are in Toronto for the Bones Jones vs. Machida main event. Also, Canadian Mark Hominick is back after UFC 129 where he looked rough.

Palmer tweeted two hours ago:

Yes I’ll be at the weigh ins :) @GammaLabs#boom

And then, she was there!

In the other big Toronto UFC news, Dana White is being accused of bullying some dude from the city – on Twitter. Our friends at Cagewriter were all over this fiasco.

After getting a reply from White, a Toronto man would likely agree. The Toronto Star reports that when Darius Ross objected to a tweet where White told a fan, “I hope you get kicked in the nuts,” White called Ross a crybaby. This is the exchange that followed:

White then tweeted: “Then why do you follow me? Hide ur children crybaby!!! I will be in Toronto in two hours!!!”
Ross then tweeted: “Should I consider that a threat?”
White responded: “omfg, lol, u are weird.”

Dana White, just kicking fans in the nuts on Twitter and not giving two sh!ts whether their feelings are hurt. Name another billion-dollar league where the commissioner hopes fans get kicked in the nuts.

You think Bud Selig has ever come up with a one-liner about kicking an Orioles fan in the nuts?

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