Married Teacher Julie Ann Moore Had Halftime Sex With Teen [Cuff ‘Em]

Texas elementary teacher Julie Ann Moore is quite the playa, according to the Texas Rangers who are investigating her for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. And where did this sex occur? Behind an apartment complex at halftime of a high school football game. That’s right, during a week when we learn that a couple teachers were banging in a Ralph Wilson bathroom, this news breaks in Texas. WTF is up with sex and football. Women…always trying to distract our asses.

According to the fuzz:

Moore invited a teenage boy to her car in September or October, when she had sex with him during halftime of an Amarillo High School football game, the complaint said.

Moore asked the boy during the game at Dick Bivins Stadium if he wanted to “see something she had in her car,” according to the complaint. The boy followed her to the vehicle, where she told him to look in the console, the complaint said. There, he saw a box of condoms, the complaint said.

The boy told investigators Moore drove him to the back of a nearby apartment complex, where the two climbed into the back seat, the document said. She began kissing the boy, removing her clothes first and then his before the two had sex for 10 to 15 minutes, according to the complaint.

Moore then drove the boy back to the stadium before the second half began, the complaint said.

Moore’s husband, Matthew, 37, declined to comment Tuesday at the couple’s Sleepy Hollow home. Her lawyer, Joe Marr Wilson, could not be reached.

Our reactions:

• Dick Bivins Stadium? Is this some sort of joke, because that’s a great stadium name.

• Halftime sex lasted 10-15 minutes & she drove him back before kickoff? UNREAL!

• Smooth move from Moore just ripping off her clothes. Knew 2nd half was coming up.

• No word on if she and the boy shared popcorn in 2nd half.

• No word on if the teen’s team came from behind to get a W that night.

Look, we used to make fun of these cases. Like, he enjoyed it. Or, ‘He could have said no.’ But now with this Jerry Sandusky case everyone is on high alert for this shit. Can’t get away with the female teacher vs. teen student jokes like the old days of early 2011.

Just look at Moore’s guilty face. You can just see it in her eyes that it was totally wrong to be hooking with a student at halftime. Instead, she should have just found another teacher to bone in the car – or bathroom. Priorities, Moore. Get ’em together.

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[Teacher charged in teen sex case]

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