Florida Fan Vs. Florida State Fan Sky Box Brawl [VIDEO]

*Rubbing hands together with glee* We now have video of what happened outside the luxury sky boxes at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium during the late November Florida vs. Florida State game. We’d heard, via police reports, that there was a video of FSU and UF fans brawling during the annual rival game, but didn’t realize this went down where the rich people hang out. How rich?

That’s a gator statue just chilling in the middle of your screen. 1 broken nose & 2 arrested.

Posted: December 8, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the police report at Gainesville.com) Two men — a Gator fan and a Seminole supporter — were arrested following a fight on the sixth floor of the skyboxes at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium late Saturday. A third man, Kevin Michael McGee of Lakeland, was sent to the hospital with what police said appeared to be a broken nose, apparently caused by being kicked in the head. The fight was captured on surveillance cameras, but the video is considered evidence and was not being released on Monday.

Climax of Video: About the 1:00 mark when FSU dude in maroon polo has his nose broken. Watch him crumble.

Conclusion: We’re glad to finally see this and want all of you losers out there who fight in the parking lots to realize you’re not alone in your battles with UF & FSU fans. Even the loaded boosters will bust some heads. Kudos to all involved & a speedy recovery to the guy who’s nose was rearranged.


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