Case Keenum’s Wife Cool With Hubby Staring At Erin Andrews’ Ass?

What do I have in common with Case Keenum this morning? We’ve both brushed up against Erin Andrews and our wives haven’t left us. That’s right, Mrs. Busted was cool with the BC-EA meeting in Tallahassee this fall. Last night it was Keenum’s turn and Kimberly was cool with her award-winning hubby lusting after Pageviews. How do we know? Case tweeted about it. 

What is it like to ‘hover’ on EA’s shoulder? Not much different than any other hot chick, but the thought does cross your mind that you’ve seen her naked and it wasn’t in Playboy.

Anyway, Keenum tweeted:

Having a blast at the ESPNCF awards. It’s always nice when all the good plyrs are good guys too. And we met Erin Andrews. #itsokmywifeisafan

Relax, he’s not Mormon that we know of. He went to the married stage since he’s been in college six years and probably figured it’s about time to start settling down a bit.

More on my meeting with Erin Andrews one of these days nearer to Christmas. Probably use that post one of these days upcoming when I’ll be on a beach somewhere while you losers are at work.


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