2011 Best College Football Cheerleader Rack: ASU’s Kristyn [PHOTO]

It’s that time of the year when Busted Coverage bucks the norm and hands out the sports awards you guys actually care about. Which one of you fools sat through that garbage from ESPN last night. You really care that Robert Griffin won the Davey O’Brien Award? Sh!t, that thing will be in a pawn shop within 2-3 years. Might fill the Escalade for a trip from Texas to training camp. Anyway, today we get our yearly Busted Coverage Awards rolling with Best College Cheerleader Rack Of 2011. 

Of course the selection committee was comprised of BC editors, Kevin The Intern and Asher from College Cheer Heaven. As you might know, that guy has serious sources within the cheerleading community. With that said, he dug up Kristyn from Arizona State.

Here’s his report:

We all know the story of the Arizona State cheerleading squad getting the ax by the university’s administration for misbehaving and showing up on unsavory websites. We know that story because that’s basically the dream, right? A bunch of smokin’ hot college cheerleaders running around being naughty is the start of many a young man’s fantasy. And the Arizona State cheerleaders tried their hardest to live up to that fantasy before they got disbanded.

Well now the Shocker cheerleaders are back and hotter than ever. I don’t know if they are as wild and crazy as their predecessors, but I do know they are still smokin’ hot. As Exhibit A, let me introduce Kristyn. This adorable future elementary school teacher runs the Shocker sidelines and makes sure those Tempe nights are as steamy as possible. And then, for good measure, she takes pictures with her grandma with only a shorts bra and tight shorts on. Now that’s wholesome family fun.

Kristyn has no idea how big of an honor it is to be named Cheerleading Rack of the Year by BC. Suddenly, her name will be Googled, featured on several national sports sites and some asshole morning jocks in Tempe will start trying to get her on a Sybian.

Special thanks to Asher at College Cheer Heaven for his inaugural post on BC. Expect his weekly feature to run on Thursdays starting next week. Go see more of his favorite cheerleaders.

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