Watch Jaime Edmondson Shake It For College Football [VIDEO]


You know how Playboy keeps digging up all these 21 & 22-year-old chicks with big boobs, skin that’s pretty much how God drew it up when he designed Greek goddesses and hair that’s perfect length for hairbras. Yeah, well you guys can have all those issues. We’ll stick with our old friend and Playboy legend Jaime Edmondson.

She made Internet commotion last week with her college football photos. Now comes the video.

Posted: December 8, 2011

Premise of Video: (via Playboy) Back in 1957, Hugh Hefner introduced Playboy’s Pigskin Preview, a feature repeated annually that predicts the best teams and players in each coming college football season. Playmate Jaime Edmondson takes us through ‘Top College Football Programs of the Playboy Era’!

Climax of Video: Ohio State. Yep, we’re homers.

Conclusion: Can’t play video at work because the IT dorkwads get all pissy? Go look at Jaime’s college football photos. Then, after dinner with the wife tonight, hit up the video. Jaime’s always a great time.

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