Poor Pete Sampras Still Trying To Sell Home For $20MM [PHOTOS]

How does Pete Sampras make his way onto Busted Coverage besides having a cute wife and the rare U.S. Open appearance? This house. This 16,000 sq. ft. house sitting on top of a mountain in Thousand Oaks, Califoria. This $20,000,000 contemporary masterpiece. For some reason, Pete is unloading it after having it built in 2009 for $25mm. You know how we know Sampras has brass balls? Because he’s willing to lose $5mm on a real estate deal.

Via the realtor:

Custom Contemporary Masterpiece In Prestigious Guard Gated Lake Sherwood THE absolute premier custom estate in guard gated Lake Sherwood! Celebrity owned new contemporary masterpiece on a majestic 20 acre lot boasting unobstructed 360 degree views with complete privacy.

Um, no offense to the realtor, but we’d hope the gate is guarded if we splurge on a $20mm house. Why? Because we’re going to have about $1mm worth of hookers and we know there are assholes out there who’ll be after our broads. You see that gate on the Sampras compound? Yeah, worthless unless you have a pack of Dobermans running loose. Anyway.

Pete Sampras Giant Friggin’ California Mansion Highlights:

• 7 beds, 10.5 baths

• 20 friggin’ acres!

• Plenty of white space

• Detached 2,000 sq. ft. gym

• His/hers private baths so you won’t be bothered while watching Mike & Mike in the morning

• 1,200 sq. ft. guest house

• Oooooo….look at those views!

• Kitchen with lots of classy looking door handles

Price: $19,950,000

Mortgage: $74,000 per month before adding in costs for groundskeepers, maid service

[Buy Pete’s Shabby Shack On A Mountain Right HERE!]