Little Jags Fan’s Shirt: Make It Blaine On Them Hoes! [VIDEO]


Remember when you were in elementary junior high school or high school and some teacher made you turn your shirt inside out for being “inappropriate?” Well, this wee lad beat your ass by wearing that shirt in kindergarten.

Or, well… maybe his parents had something against the school district.

Here’s the scenario. All the kids in Ms. Whatsit’s kindergarten class at Whatsit Elementary in Jacksonville get dressed up in Jaguars gear to sing a song. The song is to welcome the Jags new owner Shahid Khan, who absolutely will not move that franchise out of that shitty town because he’s a man of his word. Damn business and making a profit!

Unfortunately, no one accounted for the one that says Madmotherf#cker on ‘im.

Posted: Dec. 5, 2011

Premise of Video: All the kindergartners are singing a song for Shahid Khan, the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Welcome to town Shahid! Don’t move our team, please!

Climax of Video: Well, climax is a strong word and frankly, we were distracted by Ms. Whatsit at the beginning. We know about teachers, yo! Anyway, one of these we lads is wearing a shirt that says, “Make It Blaine On Dem Hoes!” Blaine Gabbert would be the rookie quarterback of the Jags. And, well… make it rain! This little badass has his shirt tucked in strategically.

Conclusion: The Jags won’t be in Jacksonville for much longer, but this little cat will be a badass for life!

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