Baseball Coach Rob Francis Gets His Jerry Sandusky On – Arrested [PHOTO]


Rob Francis was a baseball coach. We say was because, unless he cures cancer, he’s always going to be known as Rob Francis, that baseball coach at St. Petersburg College who tried to pick up a 14-year-old girl.

Rob Francis is 31. (Honestly, we have a lot of questions here and few answers.)

We know this — Francis was relieved of his duties and can’t step foot on campus. Solid move, but here come the questions.

Why — and this is an obvious one — did you jeopardize your career for an underage girl? You didn’t get laid in high school, did you? Why did you travel to another town? Did the alarm not go off? What did your wife think? Does she look like an underage girl? What are you going to tell your kids?

They might find out, someday.

The interesting thing — and maybe we should get  Chris Hansen in here — is what homie brought with him to the rendezvous.

Francis arrived at the meeting place around 5:30 p.m. and was arrested. Deputies found four condoms in his pocket.

A computer bag with a cell phone, video camera, a laptop computer, a thumb drive, a bottle of wine, an open box of condoms and a bag of peanut M&Ms was found inside the car.

Deputies say Francis said several times he “made a mistake.” He told detectives he knew the girl was 14 and asked her if she wanted to have sex, according to the report.

Do you think he was referring to the Peanut M&Ms?

[Deputies: St. Pete College baseball coach drove to Orlando for sex with teen]

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