Teacher Jennifer Rotella Having Bathroom Sex At Bills Game – Updated [PHOTO]

Her name is Jennifer Rotella. She’s a teacher in Lockport, New York which is outside Buffalo. She was at Sunday’s Bills game and happened to be arrested for having sex inside a Ralph Wilson bathroom with a teacher, Michael France, who happens to work in the same school district. France’s wife told a local news outlet that her husband was arrested outside a bathroom. Um, honey, we hate to break it to you but your husband was boning Jen in that bathroom.

According to News 4 in Buffalo:

35 year-old Jennifer Rotella and 38 year-old Michael France were among those arrested, both elementary school teachers, who work for the Wilson Central School District. Rotella is a teacher at Stevenson Elementary School and France is a teacher at Thomas Marks Elementary School. Both are charged with public lewdness.

Sources tell News 4 the pair was caught having sex inside a bathroom at the Bills stadium. France’s wife told News 4 her husband was stopped while leaving the lavatory, but she wouldn’t confirm if he was alone or with someone.

It’s not out of the ordinary for Buffalo news media to scour the arrest reports from Bills games. Every Monday during the NFL season it’s guaranteed that arrest reports will end up on Google News. However, it’s rare for two teachers to be busted for boning in a bathroom. Helluva way to get caught cheating, eh Mikey?

Of course the i-Team has been called in on overtime to make things happen today with this story. We believe a Facebook account has been deleted, but searches continue. Updates to follow.

Do you know Rotella or France and want to share some stories? How about photos of Rotella to share with BC readers? Let’s make this happen.

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